About Us

The HIT is a collaboration between Cartel Mods and BLVK Unicorn with the sole intention of providing current adult smokers with an innovative alternative to the smoking experience.

This harmonious union between the two companies blossomed into a mutual desire to deliver the best possible option for the adult smoker looking to make the switch from combustible tobacco products to vapor products.  Cartel Mods, best known as a leading hardware manufacturer since the rise of mechanical mods in the early 2010s, had developed a closed-system pod device.  BLVK Unicorn on the other hand, has steadily risen to become a household name in Premium E-Liquids.  Founded in 2016, the brand has released 7 e-liquid collections to appeal to virtually every adult smoker’s flavor preferences.

As former smokers, both Cartel Mods and BLVK Unicorn offer several years of combined experience in the vapor industry and collectively possess a never-ending thirst for innovation, a keen sense of market trajectory, and an unparalleled customer service experience.  

As most electronic nicotine delivery systems include, The HIT features HIT Pods to deliver vapor.  HIT Pods contain nicotine.  While nicotine has been proven to not cause any adverse health effects, it is a highly addictive chemical.  We as manufacturers, and most importantly, as smokers, advise that this smoking alternative is intended only for current adult smokers.