The BLVK Cartel team recognizes the need for reasonable regulation by industry leaders and government institutions to ensure the proper use of our products.

We are fully aware of the growing public health concern regarding cigarettes and other combustible tobacco products.  Being fully aware of a very real problem affecting smokers everywhere, The HIT was developed not to sabotage decades-worth of tobacco control policy, but rather, to ease the transition as new generations begin to truly make life-changing decisions.

Innovation stems from the need to solve a problem.  By integrating the latest data in tracking the true impact of our products with adult smokers, BLVK Cartel is fully committed to provide an effective means in leading a healthy and responsible life.



Fully aware of the need to remain compliant both in the eyes of the vaping industry and several regulatory agencies worldwide, we apply the following procedures to ensure the highest standard followed:

  • All HIT Pods are filled in controlled-environment rooms;
  • We follow Standard Operating Procedures for every step of the manufacturing, distribution, and sales process; and
  • The HIT and its respective HIT Pods are rigorously tested throughout the manufacturing process to ensure the highest quality and product safety.



The development of The HIT stems from a collaboration between BLVK Unicorn and Cartel Mods to form BLVK Cartel.  Both companies have several decades worth of combined experience in the electronic cigarette industry.  With this combined knowledge regarding products, flavor preferences, and customer behavior, we are confident that we have developed the best product engineered specifically for the current adult smoker and we are committed to continued research and innovation in vapor technology to remain that way.



  • What is the minimum age to purchase HIT products from
    • The minimum age to purchase HIT products is 18.
    • Certain states and local municipalities enforce a 21+ age limit for the purchase of tobacco products.
    • Please check your local regulations prior to purchasing The HIT.
  • Why is the minimum age 18+?
    • The minimum age to purchase and consume tobacco products is 18 by Federal law.
  • What is the minimum age to purchase The HIT products through an authorized retailer?
    • Authorized retailers are subject to state law in the place of business. We recommend consulting with the authorized retailer regarding age verification.
  • Will I still be able to claim my device warranty if I’m under 21?
    • We honor our Limited Warranty for devices purchased on or at an authorized retailer for those that are of legal smoking age. Customers that request warranty service will be subject to age verification prior to said service.
  • Can I change the name on my HIT account or billing information?
    • Since the name associated with your account and billing information is used to help verify your age, we do not allow changes to that information.
  • I live in California or Washington. Why can’t I change my shipping address?
    • California and Washington state laws require that your billing and shipping information be identical.  If you change your billing information, we will automatically update your shipping information to match.



With the constant concern for underage vaping becoming more and more apparent, it is the responsibility of BLVK Cartel to address measures to mitigate the threat.  To do this we are prepared to:

  • Sell The HIT and its respective HIT Pods only to authorized retailers with an age verification system in place;
  • Invest a significant amount of time and resources into product research and development to tailor the product exclusively to the current adult smoker; and
  • Implement and operate a trusted third-party age verification software embedded to the checkout feature on our website. This age verification software effectively checks the age for each customer to ensure only adult smokers are purchasing our products

While the industry as a whole has made effective policy changes to mitigate this growing concern, the BLVK Cartel team is fully committed to continued research in developing new approaches to address more effectively.  We welcome the opportunity to work with lawmakers, regulators, and advocacy groups in pursuit of restricting our product to its intended users.